Xk3y Install Guide

How to install the Xk3y set

Xk3y Set

One Set should include
1x Main Board
1x Remote
1x Micro SD card
1x SATA Cable
1x Power Cable
1x USB to Micro USB cable
1x FFC/USB Dongle
1x Short FFCable
1x Long FFCable
1x Main board protection card
1x Serial Number with verification string (attached to the back of the Remote)

Part 1 – Installation

Installing the xk3y us as simple and opening your 360, fixing the xk3y device into position, applying your firmware to the supplied micro sd card, and closing your console.
Dumping your dvd drive key/firmware files
Before you start: Installing the xk3y is easy. However, you need your DVD drive information. The DVDdrive in the 360 encrypts game data from the DVD drive back to the 360. The information is encryptedwith a unique ‘key’. To install the xk3y, you will need this key so that the xk3y can talk to your 360 inthe same manner that your DVD drive does.For those who don’t know how to dump their drive key or who aren’t getting someone else to do it for them, you will need either the Maximus 360 Lizardor X360USB Pro. The Xk3y team recommends theMaximus Lizard as it dumps more information on Slims than the x360usb pro does. The Maximus teamalso helped out the xk3y team with the dumping of firmware on the new DVD drive to make the xk3ycompatible with more DVD drives.If you are not familiar with these tools, you will need to read the tutorials that their developers provide.The tools are quite expensive – if you are only going to install 1 unit you might want to pay someone toextract your DVD drive information as with the correct tools it does not take long.
Opening xbox
While using opening tools are not necessary, they are cheap and can save you a lot of time and effortto open your console.

Once the console is open, you will will need to extract your DVD drive information
Configuring the firmware on your microSD card
The supplied micro SD card is roughly 128mb in size. This 128mb is split into 3 different partitions:

1. BootINIT sector

2. Ext3 sector (this contains rootfs and uImage, the xk3y firmware files). You will not be able to see this in anon linux machine. If you want to update these files there is no need to see this partition, you can updateyour xk3y via a USB, and the xk3y will copy these files onto this partition for you.

3.a 0.98mb Fat32 partition. This is where you put your firmware.bin or dummy.bin to configure the xk3y.

To transfer files to your microSd card you can use either a USB microSd card reader, an SD cardadapter (and then an SD card reader) or you can use a device such as a mobile phone.
Slim 360 firmware configuration
To configure your xk3y on a slim 360, all you need to do is drop your dummy.bin file on the root of your microSD card. Please ensure you safely remove your
●Maximus Lizard users: The file that is made by the lizard is called
– All youneed to do is rename this to
●USB Pro/Jungle Flasher users: The file that is created is already called
However,there are some small differences between some DVD drives that have the same firmware. For example there are up to 7 or so variations of the 0225 slim DVD drive. Unfortunately the xk3y isunable to automatically configure itself based on small bits of missing information from JungleFlasher dumps. The missing information is not enough to cause e64 errors (no DVD or wrongDVD drive detected) but it can cause 360 games to not load…or load sometimes and not others.The fix is to add a parameter on a file called xkey.cfg. This can be done after installation iscomplete via USB. More details are below in the xkey.cfg section (insert bookmark here)Please note that the first DVD drive that was in the 360 (Hardware Liteon DG16D4S, Firmware 9504)was updated in mid 2011 with a Microsoft firmware update. The Firmware changes from 9504 to 0272.It is important that you dump the firmware after this update. If you have an old dump of your firmware(i.e. 9504) and you use this to configure your xkey, newer XGD3 games will not work on your sytem.
Phat 360 firmware configuration
Configuring the xk3y on your Phat console is a little bit more technical. Instead of a partial dump of thedrive needed (like slim 360s) a
full OFW (original firmware)
dump is needed. If you only have, or areonly able to make a partial dump of your firmware, OR if you have CFW (custom firmware) on your drive you can just convert the dump into the format that the xk3y accepts.The file needs to be called
You cannot simply rename the file you have to firmware.bin, as mentioned it MUST be a full originalfirmware dump, and on top of that it must be after the Mid 2011 update from microsoft. If not you willget an e64 error.To convert your dump into the correct format you will need to download the file below, which is aprogram called jungle flasher. Included in the program in the firmware folder are the appropriatefirmware files needed for all phat 360s.

you can find Jungle Flasher on forum

Jungle Flasher is a powerful little program that has a 270 page manual. However for the purpose of the xk3y we only need to know how to use 1 feature.

1. Open up JungleFlasher.exe. You may recieve an error when opening on a 64bit PC. Just ignore it.

2. On the FirmwareTool32 tab, click on Open Source firmware button


3. Navigate to your firmware file. It should be 256KB in size. For demonstration purposes we will beusing a file for a liteon drive.


4. After it has been opened your information will appear in in the top panel. The next step is to open upa full original dump, the target firmware. This is the file you want to convert your DVD dump into. Thefiles are located in a folder called firmware which is located in the Jungle Flasher folder. Inside thisfolder there is a folder called Stock Firmware.
Inside this folder there are 4 folders●BenQ●Hitachi (Phat)●Liteon (Phat)●Samsung.These are the 4 different companies that made DVD drive types of the Phat 360. You can see whatDVD drive you have by looking at the text under Vendor on the tab you are currently on, or by simplylooking at the large sticker that is on your DVD drive. If your drive is BenQ, then you must chooseBenQ, if your drive is Samsung you must choose Samsung, if your drive is Liteon you must chooseLiteon and if your drive is Hitachi, you must use one of the Hitachi files (there are 15 different types!).The original file you are opening is located in the respective folder, and then usually inside the“Post_13141” folder.

5. Once you have opened the file, your screen should look similar to this. With your DVD driveinformation up the top, and an original dump down the bottom. All you need to do now is press Spoof to Target.
This will copy all of your DVD drive information into full firmware dump which is what thexk3y needs to work. Once you click the button you will see the DVD Key change from
into your DVD Key.


6. The last step is to click Save to File.
Save the file under the name firmware.bin the name must be in lowercase. Save it onto your PC for safe keeping, and then you will need to transfer thi file onto your xk3y MicroSD card on the 0.98mb Fat32 partition.


Ensure you safely eject the microSD card from your computer.
Failure to do so will most likely corrupt your micro sd card is some way and cause the xk3y not to work.
Insulating the xk3y
Once the firmware has been installed on your micro sd card, insert the card into the xk3y main board.The microSD card slot is located at the back of the device. The xk3y comes with a small cardboard cutout to help to insulate the device. If your xk3y did not come with one, or you lost it you can usethis filehere. If you are printing your own shield please use thick paper. Otherwise you can use electrical tapeto cover the device.Once the device is properly insulated please make sure there are no exposed metal components. If anexposed component touches up against the metal shielding on the 360 case you can easily render thexk3y broken, and even cause harm to your 360. If the cardboard shield is not covering everything thenyou can cover the exposed parts with a small bit of tape.

Installing xk3y in your 360

Step By Step with Images

1. Place the MicroSD in the Xkey then connect the cables from the motherboard to Xkey


2. Connect the provided cables to the drive (SATA + power)


3. Place the drive so that the cables run below the Xkey


4. Connect the drive cables to Xkey




5. Connect the ribbon (Flexible Flat Cable) to Xkey


Be aware the blue side of the flat cable facing to


6. Insulate the 07(essential on Slim)


7. Pass the ribbon through the USB slot (blue side visible) then accommodate the Xkey in the corner of the metal cage


8. Replace the drive in original position


9. Ensure that the Xkey is well positioned and the ribbon is not pinched during reassembly of the upper shell

10. Connect the external part of the ribbon to the Xkey USB dongle then connect the USB cable to theXkey remote

11. Connect the dongle to the USB plug and then connect the USB cable to the dongle… Switch on theconsole by power button to check the proper functioning of Xkey (= select menu OK) then close theconsoleconfig of firmware file

Connecting your xkey

Solution 1 using ISOmenu to select your games:



Solution 2 using remote control to select your games:



Solution 3 using Wifi dongle:


Part 2 – Changing settings with xkey.cfg

The Xk3y makes use of a config file called xkey.cfg to change settings on the device. The reason why there
is no on screen menu on the remote to change settings is to ensure that users don’t accidentally change
settings, and that new settings can be rolled out by the xk3y team without making changes to the navigation
of the menu.
A demo of the xkey.cfg file can be downloaded with every firmware upgrade. You can easily edit this file, or
you can make your own using any text editor like notepad.
Once the changes have been made you need to update your xk3y. The update will only take 1 second due to
the size of the file
Please note that the xkey.cfg is just a text file. Due to the way linux reads files files, if you are making your
own file (i.e. not editing the supplied example file) you need 3 x carriage returns at the end of the file. This
means you need to press the ENTER key on your keyboard 3 times right at the end of the file and then save
the file. If you do not have these 3 lines the xk3y will not read the last 3 lines of your file.
There are certain values that can be changed in the xkey.cfg file.


The LANGUAGE parameter will change the language on the xk3y menu screen. Please note that Chinese
xk3y cannot have their language changed. The default language is English.The current language posibilities
For example if you wanted to change the language to Spanish you set


MenuISO is a feature that will allow users to select ISO files from the xbox 360 dashboard, instead of the
supplied screen. The feature will default to being off, to turn the feature on please set
To use this feature, wait for your harddrive to be detected by the xk3y. Once it is detected all you need to
do is eject your DVD drive (pressing the eject button on your console OR just pressing A on the DVD drive
panel on your 360 dashboard). The xk3y will fake open the tray, load MenuISO, and then close the tray. You
can then navigate to the Picture Library no your 360. This is locted under ‘Apps’ → ‘My apps’ → ‘picture
viewer’. Or even easier, click the xbox button (in the middle of your controller, go to media (press RB on
controller) and then go to picture viewer. Click on current disc, and choose your ISO from there. When the
screen says ‘Eject to load’ you then Eject your DVD drive again, and the game will automatically load.

The easiest way to eject is to press the XBOX button on your controller, then Y, and then Y again. This method
of selecting games is based off a little software exploit and can be blocked by any time with an update. If it is
blocked you will just need to choose the game from the screen.
If you are playing a Multi Disc game, and the 360 requests for you to insert another disc, you cannot select
the game from the menu, you will need to select the 2nd game from the xk3y screen. Every time you press
eject the xk3y will load the special menuISO, so you need to press the eject button twice quickly (within 1
second) and choose the 2nd game from the xk3y screen.
If you are using the xk3y wifi dongle, then please keep MENUISO disabled.


This parameter is for slim consoles that have been dumped with Jungle flasher. If you have a Phat console
or a Slim console leave the value as ALTSLIMFW=0
For Slim consoles that say 0225 in Jungle Flasher but are 9504 labeled use the value ALTSLIMFW=7
For Slim consoles that say 0401 in Jungle Flasher but are 0225 labeled use the value ALTSLIMFW=8
For all other slim consoles, if you get errors when trying to launch a game ISO (like play DVD) try values from
1 to 6.
If you do not get errors then do not change the default value of 0.


This is a xk3y Wifi setting, and is explained in the Wifi section.


This is a xk3y Wifi setting, and is explained in the Wifi section.


This is a xk3y Wifi setting, and is explained in the Wifi section.


This is a xk3y Wifi setting, and is explained in the Wifi section.


This is a xk3y Wifi setting, and is explained in the Wifi section.


This is a xk3y Wifi setting, and is explained in the Wifi section

WiFi dongle

If you bought a WiFi dongle, you also received a unique identifier for this dongle.
This key has to be pasted in the xkey.cfg in the following way:
29This isn’t the only thing that has to be changed in the xkey.cfg. For the xk3y to know to which
wireless network to connect, you’re going to have to add the following to the xkey.cfg as well:,
depending on your Wifi settings:
These are all the settings available, depending on your Wifi settings, change the following:
● I have a WEP protected network with DHCP
Enter the SSID field and the WEP field (WEP must be in hexadecimal format) and remove
the other fields.
● I have a WPA protected network with DHCP
Enter the SSID field and the PSK field, remove the other fields.
● I have an unprotected network with DHCP
Only enter the SSID field, remove the other fields.
● I want a specific IP/netmask to be used with my xk3y
Enter one of the above 3 options, then enter the IP field with your desired IP. The default netmask will be used. If you wish to use another netmask, enter that field as
well. Otherwise remove it.
Update your xkey.cfg like you would usually do.
(If you can’t connect, head over to Trouble Shooting)
In order to be able to use the dongle you’re also going to be needed a USB Hub, so you can have
both your HDD and dongle connected to the xk3y.
– Connect your USB Hub to the xk3y.
– Connect your HDD to one of the USB ports.
– Connect your WiFi dongle to another USB port.
Now just power on your Xbox and wait for the remote to say “NETWORK OK”. The IP that has been
assigned to the xk3y can be found in the “About” screen near the bottom.
Enter this IP in the URL bar of a web browser and you’ll be presented with the Web Interface.
WiFi Interface
The WiFi interface is compatible with any browser that supports AJAX. It is recommended that you
use a somewhat modern device to select games with.
30If you don’t have a cover for a certain game, it will show a replacement image instead.
If you have multiple HDD’s connected to the xk3y, it will give you one interface to select from all of
Cover Slide
Only use this on fast devices, you can always try to use it on a slower device, but the result might
disappoint you.
If you’re using a touch based device, you can double tap the panel to go full screen. If that doesn’t
work, or if you’re not using a touch based device, there’s also a button in the top left corner that will
allow you to enter and exit fullscreen.
If you’re using a touch based device, you can swipe to change covers. If that doesn’t work, or if
you’re not using a touch based device, you can click/tap the sides of the panel to switch covers.
Alternatively you can also click/tap the covers in the bottom row.
When you’ve decided which game you want to play, you can click/tap the “Play” button in the top. It
will load the game and bring up a dialog with a message based on your tray state and if you already
have a game loaded. If a game is not loading, it is advised that you read this message.
Alphabetic Selection
This is the simplest selection method. All your games will be alphabetically listed and you can use
the filter bar at the top to search for a specific game.
When you’ve decided which game you want to play, you can click/tap the game. It will load the
game and bring up a dialog with a message based on your tray state and if you already have a
game loaded. If a game is not loading, it is advised that you read this message.
Folder Structure
This will show you how you have set up the folders in your HDD. If you’ve categorised your games
by genre, you can easily select them from here. When you have more than one HDD connected
to the xk3y, and have the folder “Action” in more than one HDD, it will put all of the “Action” folders
in one. If you wish to go up a folder, you have to click/tap the “…” folder. No search function is
available here.
When you’ve decided which game you want to play, you can click/tap the game. It will load the
game and bring up a dialog with a message based on your tray state and if you already have a
game loaded. If a game is not loading, it is advised that you read this message.
Here you can view information about your xk3y. It will also show some information about the


Taken from: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/xk3y-install-guide.930943/

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