Fix Photo Scans Dust Scratches Rips Using Photoshop

After reading these tips, you’ll learn how to do this with your photo scans:

<fix dust scratch crack rip photo scan photoshop

Watch This Video Of How To Fix Dust And Scratches Using Photoshop:

1. How To Fix Rips And Remove Dust Without Ruining Any Detail

Open your photo scan in Photoshop, and in your Tool Bar, you’ll find the Spot Heal Brush Tool. Look here…

fix photo scan spot heal brush tool photoshop for rips dust scratch How to use Spot Healing Brush Tool to fix photo scans

A) This is your radius. If you have large dust specks, use a higher number. Small dust specks, use a lower number.

B) Content-Aware will be your best friend. Below I’ll show you why.

2. How To Use Spot Healing Brush Tool To Fix Rips From A Photo Scan

Got your Spot Healing Brush Tool set to Content-Aware? Great!

Now, simply find a scratch, dust, rip and left click and drag over to fix it. But hold on! Before you move to a new spot, stop dragging and start over.

In my example below, I started in the tree area. Then stopped before I started into the shirt area. Have a look…

fix photo scan spot heal brush tool scratch dust rip

Good job! See what I mean about Content Aware? I left clicked and dragged in the tree area. And Content Aware will fill in the rip with the same pixels. That’s why I tell you to stop before you move into a new. You want Content Aware to reset itself.

3. When Spot Healing And Content Aware Fails

If these tools aren’t giving you the results you want, you’ll need to use the Clone Stamp Tool. This tool is used for more refined areas such as faces, and other tight corners.

You can find the Cone Stamp Tool in your Tool bar…

clone stamp tool fix photo scan dust photoshop

Here’s how to use it:

fix photo scan using clone stamp tool in photoshop to fix rips cracks dust

I know, it’s complicated. But once you fix one scratch or dust, the rest will be easy.

Next Step: Fix Dust, Scratches, Bends From A Photo Scan

Now that your colour look amazingly bright and natural, your next step is to fix all those scratches and cracks.

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